Posted: July 4th, 2015


Skills Builder 1

You want to develop your own message about the topics of interest. Often this message will be in response to specific questions in an assignment. Other times you may draw on the key ideas that emerge as you read the research.

Thinking about the articles you collected in previous weeks and your annotated bibliography information, what are some of the key details that emerged? How do the findings relate across the articles? What were some of the most important issues driving the research and how did the research meet and not meet these issues?

Develop an outline of the ideas you want to relate to a reader in preparation for Skills Builder 2.

Skills Builder 2

When preparing your introduction, you will essentially present the reader with an argument. You will argue that you’ve located a significant problem that has not been researched sufficiently. In fact, making a coherent, logical argument is a writing tool that you will use throughout your course of studies, where you will be asked to take a critical look at issues, review the literature, and explain and support your own stance.

For now, carefully read the important article by Jones (2010), located under your weekly resources, which defines an argument and how to prepare a logically sound argument. Download and save this article to your computer; you will use the information in this article when preparing this assignment and in later work as well.

Think about the conclusions about which you want to convince your reader. How can you explain the details from your resources in a way that logically leads to the conclusions you want to draw?

This assignment is designed to help you take the resources you have located in the library related to a topic of passion to you and build on the work you have completed in the previous activities, including the use of APA style, and integrate ideas related to your topic of interest into a brief, logical, and coherent paper.

Goals for this assignment:

Develop a logical, persuasive argument about key ideas related to your topic of interest.

Synthesize ideas from scholarly resources to form your conclusions.

Build on the foundation you have developed in the course so far.

Practice giving credit where credit is due.

Warm-Up Activity 7.1: Learning Journal

Complete your final weekly journal entry. Reflect on the following:

How what you learned can lay a foundation for future success in your graduate studies?

How helpful self-assessment is in professional preparation?

Any other thoughts or feelings related to this week’s experience?


This week, your task is to write an essay explaining the key points in the articles you located in the library. Do not just provide a series of summaries. Decide the key ideas you want to discuss based on the articles and then develop a logical argument. Be sure to support your argument and your conclusions using information from the sources you found in week 5 and presented in your Annotated Bibliography in Week 6. Put these ideas into your own words. However, remember that you must cite and reference your work in APA style. Review the resources in Week 4 as questions about APA style arise.

Keep your paper within the suggested length (writing in a concise manner is an important aspect of scholarly writing). What is critical in this assignment is that you write persuasively, paraphrase correctly, and use citations and references appropriately.

Length: 3-5 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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