Posted: August 6th, 2015

art of being human


600–700 words only :

1-An annotated bibliography is a bibliography with an ‘annotation’ for each reference listed. This annotated bibliography consists of a brief summary of how you plan to answer the essay question (300 words) and a paragraph each on two scholarly sources that you will use in your essay (150-200 words each).

The summary of your essay should include a sentence outlining the relevance of your chosen approach to the question. It should also include a clear thesis statement as well as a brief outline of the main points you intend to cover and how you plan to structure the essay.

First, choose your essay topic from the following:

1-If we define happiness as subjective wellbeing, which of the following factors has the greatest impact on happiness? Wealth, Relationships, Virtue.

2-Then, begin your research by searching the La Trobe library catalogue and online journal databases using key words relevant to your chosen topic. It is important that you focus on relevant scholarly sources for your chosen topic. Please note: many websites and other online materials are NOT scholarly sources (eg. YouTube clips) – check with your seminar leader if you are unsure.

Your bibliography must follow the La Trobe Harvard Style which you can familiarise yourself with here: All references should be listed in alphabetical order by author’s surname. Under each entry, you will write a one-paragraph summary of the source (150-200 words) that includes the following:

1. A clear explanation of the topic or theme of the research material
2. A detailed explanation of (relevant aspects of) the argument
3. A description of what this research material will contribute to your essay (what questions does it raise? What ideas does it contribute?)

Here is an example from another subject:
Essay Question: Over the course of the twentieth century, Australia’s migrant intake shifted from an almost exclusively British-centred policy, to one that included a wider array of European migrants, to one where a significant proportion of new migrants came from Asia. Discuss the causes and effects of these changes in migration policy—i.e., why was it so restrictive, why did it open up, what impact has this had on Australian society?

Hage, G 2012, ‘Insiders and outsiders’, in P Beilharz & T Hogan (eds.), Sociology: antipodean perspectives, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, Australia, pp. 409-413.



To essay Ghassan Hage’s chapter ‘Insiders and outsiders’ discusses the idea that individuals and groups of people have always been perceived, and perceive themselves, as either insiders (or members, belonging to) a specific socio-cultural space, or conversely as outsiders – someone who does not belong, and thus feels culturally ‘out of place’. Hage argues that an outsider, whilst not belonging to ‘our’ space, can be an insider of their own space, and only become outsiders once they enter ‘our’ space. There can also be discrepancies in perceptions of who is inside and who is outside. With reference to Australian migration, this chapter will be valuable for examining the attitudes of Australians towards migrants. This essay will argue that recent migrants to Australia are often portrayed as outsiders by the Australian tabloid media. Hage’s argument will be used to support the findings elucidated in this essay. The essay will also raise the question of who the insiders of Australia might be and will draw Hage’s definition of insiders as being those who belong to a specific socio-cultural space.

Presentation Guidelines:
1. Please include the question you will be writing your essay on at the top of the document
2. Please double-space your work
3. Please ensure your bibliography follows the La Trobe Harvard Style Guide available through the Academic Referencing Tool:
4. Use 12 pt font (Arial or Times New Roman)
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