Posted: September 22nd, 2015

ART 112 World Arts: Africa, Oceania, And The Americas

World Arts: Africa, Oceania, the Americas
is the books name please source everythng because tunreitin is used

When young Mende women become members of Sande they go through three stages of initiation: a) separation- they are separated from their families, normal lives, and childhood b) transition- they are emotionally, intellectually, and physically transformed c) incorporation- they are incorporated back into society as full-fledged adults. 1. Choose one of these stages and identify the role that the Sowei masker plays in that state according to the reading. 2. Then choose a rite of passage that you are familiar with that requires the same ritual structure (separation, transition, incorporation). Describe it. Why do you suppose these stages are necessary for a successful initiation?

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