Posted: April 20th, 2016

Why is APA Style used to document ideas in writing?

now these is the second homework about the APA Module these i have attached a document that talks about the APA citation but it was a link and you cannot open that so i have attached the document so you can read it and answer the question.

APA Module Assignment For this assignment, you will review materials in the DeVry library to help gain a better understanding of APA citations.

a. Click b. Listen to the tutorial or download and review the transcript on APA and answer the questions below After reviewing the presentation, compose a 2-paragraph response in which you address each of the following points:

1. Why is APA Style used to document ideas in writing? What is the purpose of the in-text citation? Demonstrate your understanding of the in-text citation by providing an in-text citation for the article you summarized for the week 2 assignment. (15 points) 2. In the article that you summarized in week 2, you may have found some information that you want to quote directly. To demonstrate the process for citing a direct quote, provide an example of properly quoted material. (20 points)



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