Posted: June 8th, 2015

andy warhol

andy warhol

Project Brief:    Research and choose an artist from an art history source for your report and presentation.  Sources can include art books, magazines and the internet.  You can also focus on one or several seminal works from that artist’s practice and discuss them in length.  If you use quotes in your paper make sure to cite the works correctly.  Formats for bibliographies can be found online.  Please  make sure to cite internet sources as well as printed texts.  “”””””””””I have access to turnitin software that checks for plagiarism.  Plagiarism will result in an F””””””””””.

Format    Your paper should have standard margins and be double spaced.  Font size should not exceed 12pt.  You paper should be at least 12 pages in length.  10 pages ( at least) written and one page for your bibliography and one page for images.  Save a digital copy of your paper as a doc. file that can be emailed to me.

The presentation notes must be at least one page long and your presentation must include the following:

Background information on the artist.(who, what, when, where)
Why did you choose that particular artist?
How was that particular artist influential within his or her lifetime?
(Historical Context)
Include printed materials that can be presented to the class (visuals) or
create a PowerPoint presentation.
Visuals can include multiples images of works or you can choose to pick just one
image and discuss that image in length.

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