Posted: March 22nd, 2016

Analyzing the Nature of Concert Programme

The concert programme will be provided in additional material* Write a balanced, well-organized paper about the music in a concert. What is the nature of the programme? (A single work? Two or more large-scale works? A set of shorter compositions? Music from a single stylistic period or from several styles? Music of one composer or several? Music from one country or several? Is the music devoted to a particular theme? Has the music changed contexts from the time of its original performance? Why do you think these particular pieces were chosen to constitute a programme? Do you think the programming was effective? Why or why not? Did you find the printed programme to be helpful in understanding or appreciating the concert?)
NB: In order to write discerningly about the programme, you will have to spend some time in the music library and online doing some general reading about the composers, the compositions, the styles, the periods, the original historical contexts, and any other information that will better inform you about the music. Be absolutely sure to cite material that you quote or draw material from; not to do so is plagiarism. For citation use the Chicago Manual of Style.

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