Posted: October 9th, 2017

Analyze who were the recipients of Paul’s letters.

Paul’s Epistle Applied

After completing the reading for the week, examine the following:

  • 1 of Paul’s letters which would be considered general epistles, (Not Romans).
  • 1 of Paul’s letters which would be viewed as a circular letter.
  • 1 of Paul’s letters which is considered a prison epistle.

In your examination address the following questions:

  • Analyze who were the recipients of Paul’s letters.
  • What was Paul’s relationship to the recipients?
  • What was the purpose or reason for the letter?
  • How would the letter be applicable in the 21st century America?
  • How would it relate to you in your ministry or life?

You are to write these responses as an essay paper that should include 750-1,000 words. For each Pauline Epistle you address, include at least 1 citation from the textbook, 1 citation from the document, “The New Testament for English Readers”. You may include other reliable sources. Your document should be in APA format. Wikipedia is not a recognized source.

The New Testament for English Readers


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