Posted: August 24th, 2015

analyisis on alcohol market


1.1 Key Elements

You are required to undertake an individual research project (assignment) that focuses on the UK market for ALL ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, ESPECIALLY WINE (NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants etc.). This assessment is worth 100% of your module grade. In it, you are expected to gather and analyse both secondary and primary data (qualitative). You should also offer focused conclusions about patterns that have emerged from the data and explain them clearly, and also make any recommendations that you feel are appropriate.

1.2 Exploratory Research

You are a market analyst/researcher, and are required to carry out an exploratory analysis of current developments in the retail market for alcoholic drinks in the UK (bottles, cans etc., but NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants), and to establish what the potential might be for a new discount retail outlet in Leicester due to open in Spring 2016. Such a store is likely to sell a full range of alcoholic drinks, with a wide choice, but mostly at the cheaper end of the market. There are many such organizations of the local ‘bargain booze’ type shop involved in this trade, as well as more expensive specialized wine shops and of course, supermarkets. The report that you hand in must address sections 1 to 3 below, as in your initial assignment, but with a reduced word count and fewer interviews. These are:

1.2.1 Section 1 – Selection and Review of SECONDARY sources on the topic

You need to carry out some background research into the UK market for alcoholic drinks, especially wine (NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants etc.). You must prepare a solid market analysis that, as far as possible, should include:

a) an analysis of all types of existing and potential competitors (including main supermarket chains), AND

b) an analysis of relevant customer patterns of consumer purchasing behaviour.

So, having consulted the best possible range of up-to-date secondary data sources, you need to explain clearly what your analysis indicates, and summarise your views on the likely market potential in the UK for the next few years (i.e. write up your results).

1.2.2 Section 2 – Plan of PRIMARY Data Collection – Qualitative

You also need to plan and execute some exploratory, primary research. This will investigate:

a) The buying behaviour of students/customers in Leicester for alcohol (NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants etc.).
b) Customer awareness of various possible on-line and physical retail store outlets as options for purchasing such products.
c) How consumers select from amongst these options, and what factors influence their decision-making.

You are required to adopt a qualitative approach here, and your primary research design needs to be clearly but briefly explained in Section2. Only one form of data collection is required; in-depth, semi-structured interviews. So, you will need to write an appropriate in-depth interview guide/ schedule/ plan, and then carry out just two (2) such interviews with individual purchasers of alcoholic drinks, especially wine (NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants etc. (can be with students). You are required to audio-record the interviews, and prepare word-for-word transcripts, which should form part of the appendices.

1.2.3 Section 3 – PRIMARY Data Analysis, plus Main Findings & Conclusions

You need to analyse the qualitative data you have collected by using a structured content analysis, and identify the key patterns to emerge about customer decision-making and shopping behaviour. You need to prepare a coding matrix as part of this analysis. The interview transcripts will make it easy for you to select quotes from the interviews which you will need to illustrate the points you are making about the views of respondents. You should also try and cross-reference your primary research findings with those from your secondary research.

Based on the above, you also need briefly to:

• Offer your best evaluation of the potential in the market for alcoholic drinks, especially wine (NOT including over-the-counter purchases in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants etc.) in the UK.
• Identify the most critical aspects of customer decision-making as regards buying these items and/or retail store selection in Leicester, generally and online.
• Evaluate the market conditions in Leicester that would encourage or discourage the opening of a new discount retail store there in late 2015.

These Conclusions and Recommendations should be located and at the end of Section 3.

please go through the assignment brief carefully and the key guidelines, also i will provide a similar assignment but not the same so please don’t copy from it but to get an idea, if you need anything please dont hesitate to contact me.

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