Posted: September 6th, 2015

An Analysis of Teaching Materials

• Choose an ESL/EFL coursebook/textbook (at beginner, intermediate or advanced level, Student’s Book ONLY). Your task then is to critically
analyse the coursebook/textbook to find out what underlying theories and principles are being followed by the coursebook/textbook writers in
relation to second language learning/teaching and syllabus design.
• Include the following in your analysis and discussions:
◦ An overview of how the materials are organized (e.g., through themes, grammar, function etc.)
◦ Focused analysis: you can choose to focus on certain aspects of material design that relate to second language learning/teaching and
syllabus design, for instance, what general second language learning and teaching theories and principles are evident (e.g.,
behaviourist, Krashen’s 5 Hypotheses etc), what aspects of language performance are emphasised (e.g., linguistic, sociolinguistic
competence etc.).
◦ Critical evaluation of the material you have chosen: examine the suitability of the material for the target learners based on relevant
second language learning and teaching theories and principles.
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