Posted: September 21st, 2015

AMN445 Strategic Marketing Management Semester 2, 2015/ Major Report industry case study Starbucks

AMN445 Strategic Marketing Management Semester 2, 2015/ Major Report  industry case study Starbucks

This component of assessment is designed to assess students’ ability to critically evaluate an industry case study, identify critical factors, and formulate strategy-based recommendations
The report is to be written using size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. APA referencing is required. Please include page numbers. An accurate word count is to be included on the cover page.

1. Review the attached case and undertake research to learn more about it.
2. Produce a report that addresses the issues presented in the case in relation to marketing strategy:
a. Provide a concise overview of the current market situation.
b. Provide a statement of the main problem, with explanation, and offer an analysis of
Macro and micro level issues that are relevant. Seven Dimension

c. Identify and justify all critical factors, explaining which are most important.
d. Offer a set of recommendations for addressing the problem, giving your rationale with
justification, and considering the critical factors identified. Include a discussion of possible advantages/disadvantages of your recommended solution. Ensure your answer coherently addresses the problem and is not just a list of independent suggestions.

e. You will need to consult the popular and business press in researching your case. You should also review the academic peer-reviewed literature, particularly when developing your recommendations. These literatures must be cited in your work and appropriately referenced using APA referencing.

3.. Recommendation should also be outlined and discussed.

Critical Factors and reasoning
List all as justify (chart, table clear factors)
Recommendation and rationale consider the critical factor; address the problem, not just a list of independent suggestions .
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of your recommended solution.

Topic: Growth via existing products
Growth strategies can include selling existing products into either new or existing markets. The following is one case where growth might be achieved by doing this.

a) Starbucks coffee in Australia
The world’s largest coffeehouse chain Starbucks first opened in Australia in 2000. In the years that followed it grew a considerable presence in the market, opening 84 coffee shops across the country. Many of these stores were ultimately unprofitable however, and in 2008 Starbucks closed 61 locations. Criticisms of Starbucks included that it failed to invest
sufficiently in marketing and simply did not understand Australian coffee drinkers. Recently the Withers Group, which owns 7-Eleven stores in Australia, has taken control of the remaining Starbucks coffee shops. Withers Group chief executive Warren Wilmot has indicated he hopes to re-grow the brand and turn Starbucks into “the most successful coffee chain in Australia”. Why has Starbucks not been successful in Australia to date, and what recommendations would you make if planning to grow this market?
You will need to do your own research on this case, however, as a starting point, take a look at the Starbucks Australia website, and consider this SBS news story.
Link: market
AMN445 Assignment 2 – Criterion Referenced Assessment Marking Sheet
Overview of the situation

You provide a thorough and insightful overview of the situation.

Statement of the main problem and analysis
You provide a clear and
comprehensive statement of
the main problem with
convincing explanation.
Critical factors and reasoning
You correctly identify all critical factors and offer a clear and comprehensive justification. You convincingly explain why some factors should be considered more important than others.
You correctly identify several critical factors and offer a detailed justification. You reasonably explain why some factors should be considered more important than others.
Recommendation and rationale
Youoffer highly in sightful recommendations that are coherent, and which comprehensively address the problem. You provide a well- justified rationale which takes the critical factors into account. You identify advantages and disadvantages, and discuss their impact.
appropriate set of recommendations to address the problem. Your rationale is insufficient or does not take the critical factors into account. You do adequately consider advantages and disadvantages.You do not sufficiently
You provide a detailed statement of the main problem with a reasoned explanation. You include a
You provide a good statement of the main problem with a general explanation.



•    analyse issues
•    identify critical factors
•    develop solutions / alternatives
•    formulate recommendations
•    explain convincingly

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