Posted: June 15th, 2015

African American History- Race Relations and White Privilege

African American History- Race Relations and White Privilege

Tim Wise‘s Presentation at APSU:
Race Relations and White Privilege: Does It Still Affect You?
Make sure that you’ve read Chapters 1-5 in your Belgrave and Allison’s (2010) text.

Click on this link to watch video of Tim Wise:

Mr. Wise is a prolific speaker and expert concerning race relations and social justice. Write your reaction to his presentation and list at least two (2) points that stand out for you and explain whether you agree or not. BE HONEST! Please be warned that Mr. Wise has very strong opinions about the role that White privilege has played in our society. You have every right to question Wise’s assertions and the nature of this video AND express your true feelings! The purpose of this class is to spark courageous conversations about race relations.

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