Posted: November 9th, 2015

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Question 1 Main Limitation of Mass production is the wide range of product verity

True False

Question 2 In Just-in-time inventory, Inventory is kept its minimum, only replenish

as it is used True False

Question 3 Lean planning mainly applies to situation where demand is unpredictable,

replenishment lead time is short True False

Question 4 Principles of Lean Consumptions provide what’s wanted where its wanted

exactly when its wanted True False

Question 5 Customer service dimension is characterized in a supply chain is

delivery reliability and responsiveness. True False

Question 6 Contemporary third-party logistics has existed since about 1975 True


Question 7 There are always predictable but inevitable changes in supply chain

relationships. True False

Question 8 The increased demand fluctuation, and global market competition are not

very common in today’s supply chain. True False

Question 9 Products with very short life cycles require innovation and short

production lead times. True False

Question 10 Enhanced communications across organizations in a supply chain is only

dependent on the technological capabilities of the organizations. True False

Question 11 What is the best statement that describes synchronized collaboration?

It is better than any other collaborations Only defense industry can have this type

of collaboration It requires more information sharing among partners VMI is an

example of mutual collaboration It has very high level of collaboration but only in

few areas

Question 12 What is not a source of supply chain uncertainty? Weather Earthquake

Machine breakdown Concept design Politics

Question 13 Who is in charge of inventory decision making in VMI? Vendor Retailer

Both first and second answers Neither Customer

Question 14 Which one is not a roadblock to EDI implementation? Security

Compatibility Reliable data Required infrastructure Cost of VAN

Question 15 Which one has minimal impact on reverse logistics? Corporate civic

responsibility Business vision Cost of reverse logistics A ban on disposals New

environmental regulations

Question 16 Which one activity has the profound impact on reverse logistics

operation? Refurbish Gate keeping Re sell Transport Recycle

Question 17 A ____________ encompasses all activities associated with the flow and

transformation of goods from the raw material stage, through to the end user, as

well as the associated information flows. Production line Supply chain Marketing

channel Warehouse None of the above

Question 18 The correct sequence of an organization’s supply chain from a systems

perspective is: Delivery to customers, acquisition of resources, transformation

process Transformation process, delivery to customers, acquisition of resources

Transformation process, acquisition of resources, delivery to customers Acquisition

of resources, transformation process, delivery to customers None of the above

Question 19 Characteristics of good measures of logistics are all but Quantitative

Invisible Easily understandable Multidimensional Measures customer expectations

Question 20 Typically, which one of the following life cycle phases has the most

influence on the overall system? Manufacturing Operations Retirement Detailed

Design Requirements definition

Question 21 Supportability includes all of the following except Inventory analysis

Operator task analysis Investment analysis Maintenance task analysis Reparability


Question 22 The typical aim of the push approach to supply chain management is: To

reduce costs of distribution To enhance product and service quality To reduce costs

of new product development Both the first and third answer above None of the above

Question 23 A good requirement analysis should not have Fixed problem statement

Ambiguous problem statement Any product requirements Solutions at the end Many

alternatives to analyze

Question 24 Mature design is the one that Matures over time Meets customer

requirements only Is ready to view by QC people Is the best design Has met all

requirements and is tested, verified & validated

Question 25 An organization’s ability to respond to changes in demand with

respect to volume and variety refers to ___________. Responsiveness Leanness

Agility Relevancy Just-in-time

Question 26 What is not an advantage of a vendor if VMI is in place with its

retailers? Lower inventory cost Better market information Closer ties with the

retailers Better scheduling & planning Improved control

Question 27 There are a number of key influences on the selection of distribution

strategy. Which of the following is generally recognized as a key influence? Buyer

behavior Producer’s needs Product type Product price All of the above

Question 28 A supply chain system that buys ingredients with cash, manufactures

products (3 days production time), and then sells to individual customers. What

value of the following “cash to cash cycle time” is better for this company? 4

days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 1 year

Question 29 For a total customized product, which one of the following production

system is appropriate? Make to order Assemble to order Make to stock Engineer to

order None of the above

Question 30 Better collaboration between design and production is required to

improve: System reliability, producibility, testability, Accountability ; Design


Question 1 Describe the ‘Newsvendor model’. How Newsvendor model can be a

decision tool to determine the optimal ordering quantity of a product. How you

determine the ordering quantity using Z-value and normal distribution parameters,

such as (μ, σ)? Show the equation.

Question 2 Describe the strength and weakness of any four transportation mode

favoring the future business solution.

Question 3 How shorter product life cycle can impact on the production process?

Explain with an example.

Question 4 What is an Intermodal activity? Describe the role of Intermodal Facility

in The Global Supply Chain System.

Question 5 Warehouse Location

Question 6 Process evaluation

Question 7 Manufacturing Process


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