Posted: April 26th, 2016

How to solve a balance sheet error?

In Unit 6, you will submit a rough draft of Essay 2, the explaining essay. Your purpose in this essay is to explain your topic.

For Essay 2, you will need to integrate quotations from your sources using the APA documentation format. The brief writing for this unit gives you practice in integrating a quotation into your own writing, an important skill in college and workplace writing. Your topic should be in the same general topic that you wrote about for Essay 1. Use the topic suggestions in the Topics of Interest resource in selecting a topic. This brief writing should also be on the same general topic that you are using for Essay 1 (Summary and Response). Do not use the same essay for this brief writing that you used for Essay 1. Choose a different essay on your general topic from Topics of Interest or from Reid, pages ix-xi.

To complete this assignment successfully, follow these steps:

Review sections APA-2, APA-3a, and APA-3b in A Writer’s Reference for information on integrating quotations into your own text.
Read an essay on your topic of interest from The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers. For a list of essays on each topic, see the Topics of Interest document in the Resources.
Write a brief summary and response to the essay. Your response should include a quotation from the essay. The summary should be one paragraph, and the response should be one or two paragraphs. Your brief writing should include the author’s name and the title of the essay in the first sentence or two. Use one of the signal phrases in the Hacker text, page 454 to introduce your quotation.
Include a reference list with the citation for the essay. Your reference should follow this model:
Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (2011). Title of essay. In S. Reid, Prentice Hall essential guide for college writers. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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