Posted: December 9th, 2015

Demography, epidemiology and non-communicable diseases


Demography, epidemiology and non-communicable diseases I/

1. Demography in public health, basic demographic indicators. Demographic transition. Age-sex distribution, crude birth and death rates, fertility, migration. Standardization.

I/2. Special fields of mortality: age-related mortality, gender-specific mortality. Infant mortality, perinatal mortality, maternal mortality. Life expectancy (at birth), description of international situation.

I/3. Definition of epidemiology, data sources for epidemiology, measuring health status and mortality, incidence, prevalence. Descriptive and ecological studies.

I/4. Analytic epidemiology .: cohort studies, absolute, relative and attributable risk; casecontrol studies, odds and odds ratios. Experimental studies in epidemiology

I/5. Screening and validation of screening tests; sensitivity, specificity, predictive value.

I/6. Epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

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