Posted: April 3rd, 2015

Zeran v. America Online

Zeran v. America Online

Order Description

1st Paragraph:

– who is the plaintiff who is the defendant
– What happened that lead up to the lawsuit (who, what, why, when)

2nd Paragraph:

What the issues are? (why are they in court? Ex: plaintiff believes his search and seizure rights were violated)

~ Page 2 ~

3rd Paragraph:

Legal history:
Lower courts (full names) analysis & outcome (their decision) (why it was appealed if applicable)
• Trial court (you’ll see the word “district”) where the trial occurred
• Appeals court (you may see the word “circuit” (losers file appeals) – how many appeals there are, there may be a number of different appeals and a number of different courts

4th Paragraph:

Highest court determination:
– their analysis (most likely Supreme Court – include names of courts) give detail

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