Posted: September 21st, 2015



Short report 1:Political history and political development

2nd short report: Economic history and economic development
• a. short economic history (including effects of colonization if applicable)
• b. Economic data (income, growth, trade, industrialization)
• c. Which sectors are the most important sectors in the country?
• d. What are the most important economic problems the country is facing?
•e. What can be done to solve economic problems and trigger economic growth?

3rd short report: Social development
• a. Social data (education level, inequalities (income, gender, etc), environmental degradation, health, urbanization, population, etc)
• b. What are the most important social issues?
• c. What are the effects of history on existing social problems?
• d. What can be done to resolve social problems?

4th short report: Relations with the world
• a. Does the country have good relations with other countries?
• b. Is the country member of a lot of international organizations (such as UN, WHO, WTO, other trade agreements, regional governmental organizations, etc)?
• c. Does the country receive a lot of international aid (or does it give international aid)?
• d. How can the international community help advance development in the country?

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