Posted: August 31st, 2016

What is wrong with the president’s calculation?

Midstate University is trying to decide whether to allow 100 more students into the university. Tuition is $5000 per year. The controller has determined the following schedule of costs to educate students:
Number of Students Total Costs
4000 $30,000,000
4100 $30,300,000
4200 $30,600,000
4300 $30,900,000
The current enrollment is 4200 students. The president of the university has calculated the cost per student in the following manner: $30,600,000/4200 students = $7,286 per student. The president was wondering why the university should accept more students if the tuition is only $5000.
What is wrong with the president’s calculation?
What are the fixed and variable costs of operating the university?

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