Posted: August 4th, 2015

Writers Choice

Research Proposal Requirement
• Writers Choice
Table of Content:
• Neat and not too long ½ page is really long enough
• Topic,
• Background with some academic grounding (have academics shown previous interest in the topic – 3 references),
• Research Objectives,
• Research Questions,
• Rationale (The reason for the proposal/the value of undertaking it/its purpose)
• Required words for introduction 500
Literature Review:
• Is the domain (the academic field) establish in the LR introduction? Talk about the main sources you intend to use.
• LR introduction should be half page not too long
• Main Body: Does it move from general (probably test books) to the particular (probably research findings from academic journals or working papers)?
• Make sure it is not just (even) a list of strategic tools, but is a proper literature review of the academic topic you are researching.
• Have you mentioned the methods of research some of the authors have used? Have you been critical of any of the writings?
• Conclusion: is there a conclusion? Does this include a conceptual framework or, at the very least, a summary of the main themes which have emerged as you have done your reading? It should be half page
• Required words for Literature Review 2,000
Research Methodology:
• Introduction: The philosophical approach – positivist, interpretivist, deductive, inductive? Not too long, 300 words. Why have you chosen this approach?
• The Methods – primary research? Secondary Research? Both? Why have you chosen this/these approach (es)? Types of method – survey, interview, observation, why have you chosen this/these approach (es)? (200 words)
• Population/sampling – must be covered. How and why have you chosen this approach? (100)
• Data collection methods. Data analysis methods.(500)
• Ethics – issues arising from beginning to end (250 words)
• Reliability and validity issues. (250 words)
• Conclusion – Short because no research undertaken, but still do round your work off (150 words)

• Harvard Style Referencing Mandatory

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