Posted: March 1st, 2017

write a research paper on some aspect of performance practice in the Baroque and/or Classical eras,

Performance Practice or Music Education Research Paper: Topic (Please do it on Music Education) You are to write a research paper on some aspect of performance practice in the Baroque and/or Classical eras, unless you are a Music Education major, in which case you may choose some historical aspect of music education if you prefer. If your paper does not concern music education, you may choose to discuss specific techniques relative to the earlier version of your modern instrument or you may choose a more general topic that interests you. Some examples of performance practice project topics might be (either in general or specifically related to an instrument, voice, or ensemble) pitch, tuning and temperaments, intonation, fingerings, articulations, pronunciation, ornamentation, improvisation, tempo, mood, dynamics, dance, basso continuo, rhythm, notation, etc. You need not limit yourself to this list and may also elect to discuss the issue of historical performance practice in general. Note that you may not write a paper on the history of your instrument. Consult the class schedule for the due dates. Failure to submit a topic and bibliography for my approval by the due date stated below will result in a 5­10% penalty on the final paper grade. Your topic cannot be changed after the topic due date without my prior consent. See Blackboard for additional supplemental information. Paper Format Papers must be typed or computer generated and double­spaced. Page numbers are to be placed .5â from the paperâs edge in the upper right hand corner, except for the first pageâs number, which can be centered at the foot of the page or omitted. The left margin is to be 1.25ââ and the right margin is to be 1­1.25â. Subject headings are always helpful. Citation Format Footnotes and Bibliography are required and must be based on Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, or Bellman. Failure to provide footnotes and bibliography will result in ­33 pts. Titles are to be in italics. Endnotes and parenthetical notes are unacceptable. Footnote text is to be two font sizes smaller than that of the text. Footnotes must appear on the same page that they are cited. Footnote references follow punctuation marks. Bibliographic entries are to be single spaced within an entry and double­spaced between entries. Remember that footnotes and bibliography do not share identical formatting though they are related. Bibliography and Internet Sources You must include a minimum of five bibliographic sources. You may use internet sources only if they are online versions of hard copies. Items that you access through JSOTR, etc. are not considered internet sources because they are originally created as hard copy sources. Well respected internet journals such as the Journal of the Society of Seventeenth­Century Music are permitted. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of a potential source, please feel free to ask me about it. Punctuation Format Punctuation marks must be enclosed within quotation marks. Two separate thoughts, each including a subject and a verb, must be separated by a semicolon, not a comma. When in doubt make two separate sentences. When in doubt, follow Beason & Lester or some other similar guide. Quotations Presenting the words of another author word for word or nearly so in full or in part without quotation marks is considered plagiarism, even if the passage is cited. Plagiarism will be dealt with severely. Your paper must represent your thoughts, not those of someone else. All quotes must be cited and introduced. A quotation cannot stand alone as a sentence without an introduction. Any quote that is three or more lines in length must be in block quotes. Block quotes must be single­spaced. See one of the recommended style manuals (Bellman, Turabian, et. al.) for proper block quote formattin

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