Posted: May 4th, 2016

Write a paper that discusses the principles of financial accounting?

Write a paper that discusses the principles of financial accounting. No references or specific style is required.

This paper must include the following concepts: transactions, recording, financial statements, account analysis, accounting equation, journalizing transactions, debits and credits, journalizing with pre and post- trial balance, adjusting entries, accounting cycle, journal AJE’s, closing JE’s, working with the worksheet-balance sheet, merchant operations, purchases, sales, inventory, COG’s available, FIFO, LIFO, average cost, CGAS, gross profit inc. stmt., internal control, cash, identify internal control principles, bank recon., note interest, JE’s for bad debts, allowances, JE’s for receivable transactions, plant assets, transaction analysis, depreciation computing, receivables, current liabilities, payroll accounting, JE’s for disposals, and JE/AJE for liabilities, and balance sheet.

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