Posted: April 24th, 2016

How to write an informal report?

ENGL 227 Group Project Instructions
For this project, teams will work together to write an informal analytical report about a different company and a sales letter with a visual aid to members of that company reflecting the report’s findings. Instructors will form teams during Week 2, and students will work together during Weeks 4 and 5 to complete both parts of the project. This project supports TCOs 5, 7, 8, and 9.
This project is based on Case Study 24 in Chapter 10, located on page311 (Outsourcing: Letter from Kelly Services offering solutions). Important: Please take note of the additional instructions here, as the case has been modified to suit our class objectives.
Here’s the situation: You work for Kelly Services, which, as the case states, provides staffing solutions to more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.Your team has been asked to work on developing sales letters tocompanies similar to Chrysler, Ford, Intel and DuPont. The first step is to choose a similar company, research the company, and write a brief report making communication recommendations based on your research. The second step is to write the sales letter.
Important: Each week, you will also need to write a brief memo that indicates how the work was shared among your team members. There is a memo template for you to use in Doc Sharing.
Part One: Analytical Report on a Targeted Sales Letter
Your supervisor has asked that you file a brief informal report (approx. 2 single-spaced pages, 500-750 words, plus references) on the background of the company you have chosen to solicit with your sales letter. Do NOTwrite solely about what your target company background is but also focus on why you think this company could benefit from Kelly services (for your supervisor).
Format the report as an informal report or memo report, and base the information on research. Include the memo about team member contributions; use the template in Doc Sharing. Use APA citations in case others who use this report later may need to do additional research. (Be sure to use both in-text parenthetical citations and an end-of text list of references). Organize your report according to the strategies suggested in Chapter 13:
•Focus on conclusions and recommendations
•Use logical arguments (the 2 + 2 = 4 approach or the yardstick approach)
•Do more than provide information—Be sure to analyze the information to help your readers apply it in future sales messages
Use at least four sources, only two of which may be websites. At least two of your four sources must come from the DeVry Library. Ensure that all sources are credible. Do NOT use Wikipedia, dictionaries, or encyclopedias as your sources, as these are not appropriate sources for college or business writing. Recommended web resources can be found in the Webliography area of the course. Also, submit the paper to
Part Two: Sales Letter with Visual Aid
Next, using the information about the companyyou gathered during week four and the information about Kelly Services located in the case study, write a 1-2 page sales letter to your chosen company you have researched convincing them to use Kelly Services. “Make a good first impression,” your supervisor says. “Use a nice visual aid—a graph or a table. Make it look good.” Focus on the features and benefits that Kelly can offer to your targeted company.
Format the letter as a business letter, and base the content on the information provided in the case study. Write the letter and design the visual aid reflecting the knowledge you’ve gained in your research of the companyfor which you are targeting. Organize your letter according to the strategies presented in Chapter 10. For our purposes, assume that Kelly Services does not have competition from othercompanies, but do the following:

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