Posted: May 6th, 2015

World Vitalization History

World Vitalization History

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Here is the prompt for the paper:
Please write a three to four page essay (around 900-1200 words), answering one of the questions below. In order to do well on this assignment you will need to use primary sources in our reader, Documents in World History, as evidence for your argument. You will also need to acquaint yourself with the relevant secondary sources (i.e. lectures and readings from our textbook, World History in Brief) so that you better understand the context of the documents in our reader.*

Your assignments will be graded based principally on 1) the clarity and thoughtfulness of the thesis and 2) the strength of the evidence from the primary sources and your analysis of that evidence. You do not need to use formal citation for this essay nor do you need a works cited page, but be sure to cite relevant page number(s) in parentheses following your quoted examples. Keep quotes relatively brief, and always be sure to explain how your quote relates to the question. Read the introductions to the primary documents in Documents in World History to gain perspective on the texts themselves, but do not quote or paraphrase the editor’s words as examples.

Please see the essay rubric available on Moodle for a much more complete description of how your assignment will be graded. You are also encouraged to meet with me to discuss this assignment individually.
As explained in the syllabus and in class you are only required to submit this assignment electronically on Moodle by the due date. No hard copies will be required or accepted.
1. “Ultra-nationalist ideologies were far more threatening on a worldwide scale than communism to the liberal belief in individual rights from 1920-1945.” To what extent does this statement appear to be true?

2. “The decline of Europe as a global power after World War II made the task of creating strong, independent states in Asia and Africa relatively easy.” Is this quote correct? How might you alter it if not?

* A primary source is a text written during the period under study, and a secondary source is a text written outside of that period.

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