Posted: December 1st, 2016

Working with/adding to the uploaded Outline, create a paper that accounts for Religious Programs, Mental Health Programs, and Educational Programs within the US Prison System

Working with/adding to the uploaded Outline, create a paper that accounts for Religious Programs, Mental Health Programs, and Educational Programs within the US Prison System. Expound on each program as though looking through the lens of the 5 Philosophies of Corrections (Deterrence; Incapacitation; Punishment; Restorative Justice; and Rehabilitation). Provide a detailed, comprehensive, and cohesive paper that includes at least three (3) references per program in APA format. Also include relative examples for each philosophy. Include suggestions of what would well versus what doesn’t work at all. Lastly, for the section labeled, “Role of Correction Facilities” please provide a more comprehensive descriptive explanation. Then, for the section labeled, “Custody & Care Program” expound on the philosophy/paradigm of this topic. Provide additional dynamics for this section. *************CRITICAL CRITERIA************ 1. Provide/illustrate Logical Selection of Details/Examples/Illustrations 2. Logical Flow of Information Presented 3. Accuracy of Information Reference

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