Posted: June 1st, 2016

Working through the Ethical Response Cycle

Reading: All students need to read the chapter on the Ethical Response Cycle from Newman & Pollnitz (2005).
The Task: Work through the following steps as a group:
1. Introduce yourself to the group.
2. Establish ground rules for working together (shared responsibility for the tasks, commitment to time frames, etc).
3. Each person is responsible for representing the perspective of one participant in the dilemma: a staff member, parent or child. Individual roles will be allocated by the subject coordinator. Notification of these details will be via the Tutorial Forum.
4. Your group must choose ONE dilemma from the examples outlined below.
5. Work through the dilemma using the ethical response cycle.
6. In representing the perspective of your role, you are required to consider and discuss relevant aspects of the ECA Code of Ethics, ACECQA Standards, and the UNCRC. You can also draw on other materials if you wish.
8. Using your Group Forum in the Tutorial Forum, work with your group through the relevant sections of the ethical response cycle playing the roles you have chosen. Remember this is a dialogue, not a series of individual, unrelated postings.

Working through the Ethical Response Cycle: The headings below should be covered in the order decided upon by the group. If any headings/phases in the cycle are not applicable explain why. You should show how you have considered the perspectives of each party under the following headings from the cycle:
• Recognition of the dilemma
• Legal aspects
• Professional consideration
• Ethical principles
• Ethical theories
• Informed inclination
• Negotiation
• Judgement
• Action/Possible resolution
Working through the cycle requires students to consider information from relevant readings and the range of perspectives from others in the

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