Posted: June 3rd, 2016

Working with Australian aboriginals – social work

Reflective journal:

Word length: Answers one question from each week, (200-220 words), not counting reference list.

Task: to analyse and critically reflect on the required readings and a series of set questions for each week related to those readings. Remember to combine your critical commentary and your self-reflection in the one answer.

You are expected to work on these each week and to bring your journal to each tutorial.

In each week there is a choice of questions. You are required to answer only one per week (5 questions in total; 1000-1200 words in total) to allow for a reasonable length for each response.

Note: Just like an essay, the reflective journal and workbook will need careful editing to eliminate waffle (given the word length available) and to ensure a critical analysis of the lectures, the readings and your own responses.

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