Posted: April 28th, 2016

What is the work of a board committee??

Your committee has been invited to attend a meeting regarding a situation that has occurred with one of the senior partners. You are told at the beginning of the meeting that relations between your law firm and a client have gone bad. First, your law firm has learned that the client has been using the firm s name to conduct his own business, and informing his potential employees that the law firm represents them, no questions asked, if they invest in his pyramid scheme. Your law firm has noticed that the client is running advertisements with pictures of one of your law firm s senior partners without the firm s permission. This senior partner is a former television star who demands top dollar for his endorsements of products.
Mr. Smith has asked that you prepare a briefing or memo for the committee explaining the rules and regulations regarding the allegations of the client. He also explains that the presentation should contain any civil tort actions that can be brought against the client.
For this assignment, you must submit a document in which you discuss and explain the civil tort actions associated with the client s dealings.
For full credit, you must address the following in your memo:
Define civil tort actions.
Discuss the basis for civil tort actions.
Explain the allegations of the client.
Explain any civil tort actions associated with the client s dealings.
Explain if the senior partner whose photo was used can personally bring any type of tort action against the client on his own behalf.
Research and discuss relevant case law that can be utilized in the presentation.

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