Posted: March 16th, 2017

In your own words, describe your understanding of confidentiality.

1 In your own words, describe your understanding of confidentiality. Be sure to discuss the role of HIPPA and CFR 42, part 2 (summary located in the module notes) in providing protection of client information.

2 Describe what you feel professionalism in the counseling field should be. If a counselor you work with violates an ethical standard, what is your responsibility according to the NAADAC Code of Ethics?

3 Many students who take this course do so because they want to become a counselor. If this is true for you, write a short essay on why you want to be a counselor, what population of clients you think you would like to work with, and what special knowledge, skills, and attitudes you bring with you to the counseling profession. If you are not planning on becoming a counselor, discuss the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you feel a good counselor needs to have and why.

4 Based on all you have learned in this class this semester, pick one topic and discuss how it has impacted how you think and feel about substance abuse and addiction. Please give this some thought and make this a meaningful entry.

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