Posted: September 18th, 2015

Word Processing: Internet Research


It should have a title page as shown on the example P1 document, but have the current date, your full name, and use your picture instead of Daffy Duck. The format and layout should be identical. The four lines of centered text are “Title” text with a “horizontal line” above and below the text. Skip a line or two and “insert” your centered picture.
It should have a “Table of Contents” page as shown on the example P1 document that contains your actual table of contents. There should be a page break between the title page and the table of contents page. There should be a page break between the Table of Contents page and the body of the document.
All pages, except for the title page should have a header with your full name on the left and the name of the assignment on the right (use a right-tab to accomplish this). Every page except the title page should have a page number on the lower right-hand corner of the page.
The body of the document should contain the outline provided, your paragraphs explaining each topic, and a relevant picture for each Heading 2 topic. Appropriate pictures should be staggered from left to right as you read down the document, and line up with the document margins (no pictures in the center of the text). Be sure to use “Heading” levels for the outline titles and “Normal Text” for the body text under each outline level. Using heading levels will allow you to automatically create the table of contents. For example, “Search Strategy” would be a Heading 1. “Search Tools” would also be a Heading 1. “Search Engines” would be a Heading 2, because it is a sub-topic of “Search Tools”, and so on. The text under these heading would be “Normal text”. You have 7 Heading 1 topics and 8 Heading 2 topics to enter and write about for this activity.
The document should have a minimum of two footnotes indicating where you found the information you have written about. The footnotes should include hyperlinks back to where you found the information. Higher-grade assignments will have more than two footnotes. Reference the example P1 document to see an example footnote.
You must have at least one table that contains supporting information in your document. Where you locate it and what you put into it is up to you. Your table must demonstrate some formatting features (colors, lines, text formatting, etc.).
Your document must have a “Works Cited” page and contain at least three MLA formatted references for content used in your document. Higher-grade assignments will have more than three references. The centered text “Works Cited” should be entered as “Title” text, so that it will automatically get included in the table of contents.


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