Posted: May 29th, 2015

Word Assignment;Creating an Announcement

Word Assignment;Creating an Announcement

Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to create and modify an announcement by formatting, importing, and scaling a graphic from clip art, spell checking, and saving.

Problem: We have just celebratred the Memorial Day holiday. Create an informative flyer that will announce a company picnic for Saturday, May 30th. Tell them that there will be food (list a couple of items) and there will be games and anything else you wish to add. Please add the location of the picnic .

• You must use WORD ART (found on the INSERT TAB) for the title of the flyer.
• You choose your title

• Include all necessary information – time, date, place, etc.
• Make up this information

• The following elements MUST BE INCLUDED:
• Clip Art (at least 2 images)
• At least 1 Text Box(es)
• Page Border
• Footer (must include your name and course ID)
• Must fit on 1 page
• Page Properties
• Use key words
• Your name
• Subject (use: Intro to IT)

• Save your exam as yourname_p2.
• Upload it when done
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