Posted: December 1st, 2015

Why people in the LGBT community suffer from alcohol and drug abuse and addiction and what help they can seek.

The final research paper involves a 5-6 page discussion on the topic you proposed that is
relevant to drugs and behavior. The paper should consist of a short background introduction and
possibly a literature review on what has been done in your proposed area, a clear thesis that
outlines your paper, supporting paragraphs that contain research evidence and findings, and a
ending conclusion of what you have discussed in the paper, and the implications of your topic
and possible future directions.
Your ideas should be grounded in existing research and you should cite material from academic
journals. It is important that you read journal articles relevant to your topic. Please do not cite
websites or popular media. Your paper must include at least 1 empirical articles (that is, articles
that describes an experiment or study, not one that just describes a theory or reviews previous
work) published within the last five years. Furthermore, you should have at least two academic
sources overall in your paper.
NOTE: no more than 1 inch margins on each side, 12 fonts, include your name and title on the
first page.
Mainly four areas: content, organization, format, grammar. Each category worth 25
Something to consider:
– Informative title
– Introductory paragraph
– Concluding paragraph
– Each paragraph has an intro and concluding sentence
– Between paragraph transitions
– Spelling and grammar
– Phrasing – eloquent, not awkward
– Word choice – optimal use of vocabulary to convey clear ideas
– References – should be APA style; however, as long as it is clear what in the text is being
referenced and those references are listed at the end with enough information to be located.

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