Posted: July 12th, 2016

Why is a secretary important?

Write a 500 word case analysis for Case 24 using the case study and spreadsheet information.

Bloomington Clinics Practice Valuation Case Study. HAP, 2010.

Practice Valuation

This case illustrates the valuation of a medical practice, including cash flow estimation and
the use of both DCF and market multiple techniques. Furthermore, the DCF valuation
consists of both the free operating cash flow and cash flow to equity methods.

The model consists of a complete base case analysis–no changes need to be made
to the existing MODEL-GENERATED DATA section. However, all values in the student
version INPUT DATA section have been replaced with zeros. Thus, students must determine
the appropriate input values and enter them into the model. These cells are colored red.
When this is done, any error cells will be corrected and the base case solution will appear.
Note that the model does not contain any risk analyses, so students will have to create
their own if required by the case. Furthermore, students must create their own graphics
(charts) as needed to present their results.

Note that the instructor version of the model contains several tables that were used to create
the case solution. The student version model does not contain these tables.

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