Posted: July 12th, 2016

What’s the problem?

I am having extreme difficulty with this question.

The following is an excerpt from a conversation between Eric Jackson and Carlie Miller. Eric is debating whether to buy a stereo system from First Audio, a locally owned electronics store, or Dynamic Sound Systems, an online electronics company.

Eric: Carlie, I don’t know what to do about buying my new stereo.

Carlie: What’s the problem?

Eric: Well, I can buy it locally at First Audio for $890.00. But Dynamic Sound Systems has the same system listed for $899.99.

Carlie: So what’s the big deal? Buy it from First Audio.

Eric: It’s not quite that simple. Dynamic Sound Systems said something about not having to pay sales tax, since I was out of state.

Carlie: Yes, that’s a good point. If you buy it at First Audio, they’ll charge you 6% sales tax.

Eric: But Dynamic Sound Systems charges $13.99 for shipping and handling. If I have them send it next- day air, it’ll cost $44.99 for shipping and handling.

Carlie: I guess it is a little confusing.

Eric: That’s not all. First Audio will give an additional 1% discount if I pay cash. Otherwise, they will let me use my VISA, or I can pay it off in three monthly installments.

Carlie: Anything else???

Eric: Well… Dynamic Sound Systems says I have to charge it on my VISA. They don’t accept checks.

Carlie: I am not surprised. Many online stores don’t accept checks.

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