Posted: April 22nd, 2016

What is to Organize??

“Organize” at the Writing Commons covers a variety of organizational strategies you may use in your paper. You could study an issue in terms of causes and effects. You might choose to compare and contrast different sides of an issue. Or, you may use deductive reasoning to craft an argument. Either way, you will want to insure that you cover all of the intrinsic points relating to your thesis. You will want to avoid fallacies and analyze in a fair, well-supported manner. Your sources should serve to back up your ideas; they should not be the primary focus of the paper. Organizing Your Argument Presentation also has helpful tips for organizing the body of your paper. The end: Always make sure to finish with a good conclusion. A good conclusion helps readers know what they have learned. The purpose of a good conclusion in a research paper is not to persuade the reader, but to add to the overall effectiveness of your argument. When writing a conclusion, it’s not necessary to rewrite your thesis. Instead, refer to it briefly and remind readers of the main points. Avoid sounding preachy in your conclusion. Instead, simply remind readers of main points and end with something that will leave a lasting impression such as a provocative quotation, a vivid image, a call to action or a warning.

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