Posted: August 4th, 2016

What is the work of a delegate?

Respond to the following situation with a 2 3 page double spaced essay using normal page margins and standard fonts and font sizes. Include in your response the definition of trustee vs. delegate models of representation. Your answer should exhibit your understanding of how the representative process works.

You are a Senator from a small state with a large naval base that is at the heart of the state s economy. The President, who is a member of your political party, has created a defense spending reform package that is designed to construct a smarter and more up to date national security budget, an objective that serves the national interest. Part of the reform package is the closing of the military bases that no longer serve any vital purpose and redirecting money into programs that will protect national security. One of the bases that must be closed is the huge naval base in your state. Your constituents are certain to take a short term economic loss, but the nation is better served with its closing. What will you do when you are called upon to cast a vote on the President s program? How would you act as a trustee or a delegate? Why? How do you think your actions would impact your ability to get reelected and your relationship with the members of your political party?

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