Posted: April 18th, 2016

What is the purpose of an antivirus??

vulnerable to external threats like viruses on the Internet, hackers and competitors find the use of passwords not efficient in their control. On the other hand, the purchase and installation of antivirus and security software were found more efficient as all traders and employees of various organizations preferred it despite its costly nature (Bidgoli, 2006). The antivirus and information security software were found to perform accordingly by addressing a variety of threats that may exist in a given information system. The main purpose as to why the programs were made is specifically for information security and the health of the information systems. Apart from the information security purposes, the use of security software and antivirus programs were also found most vital for enhancing the system performance by speeding up the system actions. Therefore, the software and programs are more efficient as they add more value to a given information system through the speeding up aspect. When selecting the best alternative to using in securing a given business data, most businesses would opt for the use of antivirus and other security software as they mostly perform according to their expectations.

Another important criterion that should not be left out while selecting the best approach for securing business information is the aspect of program durability. The use of strong passwords might not be durable as they require frequent changes of the same passwords and identification codes. In this alternative, an individual might stick on using the same password over a given period that might later become weak hence not durable as it may be shared or stolen at a given point.

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