Posted: August 4th, 2016

What is the new offender?

Access a state s sex offender registry on the Internet (for example, Virginia s registry can be found at http://sex or Alaska s registry at and perform a search a zip code in this state. Use the information available in the registry for the zip code and record the information in a single database sheet (Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access) that can later be incorporated into a combined group database. For example, you may choose to record information regarding state, zip code, offenses committed, sex of the offenders, physical characteristics of offenders, dates of conviction, court case number, etc. You must, however, ensure the data you record in your database can be easily incorporated into the combined group project.
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Group Portion:
Discuss the best way to present the collection of data as a single database that incorporates data from all individual sheets (i.e., How will the data be sorted?). As a team, develop two or three suitable introduction PowerPoint slides for your group presentation that explain how the information in your combined database could be sorted or queried to provide useful information. You may use the discussion board as a forum to discuss the presentation, preparation, or organization of the combined database. One student in the team should turn in your group s combined database (including the group introduction slides, collected individual database sheets, and names of all team members) as the final product.

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