Posted: August 14th, 2016

What is a sentence correction?

Regression Project

Answer the following questions (each question should be a separate worksheet tab labeled as q1, q2, etc.) (point values for each component are noted):

1. (12) For each of the six potential sales price drivers (sq footage, baths, bedrooms, year built, car garage size, and fenced (yes=1, no = 0)) do each of the following:
a. Prepare a scatter plot. The y axes should be sales price, and the x axes will be one of the potential drivers.
i. Please title each axis so I know which sales price driver is being included in the chart.
ii. Include a trend line for each plot along with the equation and R2.
iii. Please make separate charts for each driver (no more than 2 per tab -charts1, charts2, etc.).
iv. Be sure to properly label the tabs so that I can find the charts in your Excel file.
2. (12) Using the regression feature within data analysis, find the:
i. slope,
ii. R2, and
iii. intercept for each sales price driver.

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