Posted: April 20th, 2016

What comunication is this??

In no less than 100 words; respond to the following: Imagine as you are logging off and locking up for the night you receive an announcement that the company is basically shutting down in an oh by the way communication approach. Oh, by the way you all don t have jobs anymore so don t bother coming in tomorrow unfortunately this is an approach that a lot of companies utilize. The company chooses a communication strategy of denial, to deny information that they know is true if someone finds out and questions them about it. The company chooses to conceal information instead of communicating it because they are concerned that their top people will leave the company and cause it to struggle even more before they have to shut the doors. This type of communication strategy takes any possibility of the employees or managers being able to help come up with solutions or ideas that potentially could save a company, or come up with an alternative to a major negative situation. It also prevents other companies from raiding your talent pool early, I was recruited to come back to Texas as a Southwest Regional Sales Director by a National medical/surgical distribution company with their distribution centers in Waco, Houston, and Phoenix. During my interviews the hiring VP informed me that I would be living in Dallas and they wanted me near the airport preferably on the North West side to facilitate travel to all of our customers within the three state areas. It all sounded logical even the housing location, I

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