Posted: April 15th, 2016

What are just laws???

Just laws help improve justice for people as a whole and not divided. Martin Luther King hit the nail on the head when he wrote that letter. He made it known for the people of what was coming an what was going to take place. He felt that we all should be treated equal, and until this very day thing are still secretly racist. We as a whole need to come together and stand for what is right. No more racism and every one should have the same rights.

2.1. The laws that we choose which are just and which are not are by personal preference. If we feel that law does not go with what we enjoy or help us, then we feel it is not just. If we feel that law is discriminating against a group of people, or against what we feel life should be then we feel it is unjust.

2. Laws that I think King will call unjust would be that people must be 24 years old until they are able to use financial assistance. This is unjust because this is not a decision that the individual make. It is decided for them until they are of age, then able to use financial assistance.

3. I feel my involvement would have made a difference if I had intervened.

4. If we all reacted to swiftly and jointly to matters of justice, I feel the world would be a better place. If people acted towards providing matters of justice then there would be more positive in peoples lives.

5. OWS has used civil disobedience to further its cause by showing and expressing what they feel and want in life. Showing their opinions through protest and actions will get their points out more than usual letters or phone calls.

6. We can not say civil disobedience days are over because people in the world will never be 100% satisfied. There will be people that want more than what they have. Wanting more than what they want or difference in life, will put people in outrage and act out until they get what they want.

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