Posted: April 10th, 2015

what are dreams and how are they created and what can affect your dreams ?

what are dreams and how are they created and what can affect your dreams ?

Order Description

– Be sure that you have completely covered the topic so anyone can understand what you’ve done, how you accomplished it and what the results of your work was.
– Must be in third person past tense. (For example, “The researcher then asked the subjects the following questions…)
– Photographs may be used in the paper as long as the photographs are essential to understand the project.
-Details the format of the paper. The paper much have the following sections. Each section must begin with a new page.
*Cover Page:
-Student Name
*Table of Contents
-State your hypothesis
-State your variables
-Background on the topic
-Why you chose the topic
-What you hoped to learn or gain from the research
*Materials and Methods (both must be in paragraph format – What you did and what you used)
-List data or findings only- you will discuss what they mean in the discussion area.
-Data tables and graphs ( No bar graphs )
-A discussion of your results- what do they mean and how do the data relate to your hypothesis?
– Relate your findings from the discussion back to your hypothesis- Was your hypothesis supported or not supported.
*Appendix and appendices (if necessary)
*Statement of Humane and supervised Research (Required for all vertebrate research)
*If you interviewed or used any human subjects or non-human vertebrates in your research, you are required to write this statement in your paper.

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