Posted: November 29th, 2016

Weaknesses of the study are reviewed and suggestions made for future related research should be discussed.


This entire course is leading to the ultimate goal of writing a research article. For the sake of time restrictions, all research must include archived data.  I am sure there are many different websites you may wish to explore; but, you will definitely want to check out and explore the following websites for statistics that have archived data.




Your research article will include the following sections:  You must label each section in Bold Print at the beginning of that section.


  1. Title of the Article
  2. Abstract: (Short summary of your research: 1 page)
  3. Introduction: (This Includes):

– State the problem/topic under investigation

– Introduces the reader to the issue/problem being examined

– Reviews past research and discusses their findings

– Provides justification for the research question(s) or hypothesis(es) (which appear(s) at the end of the Introduction Only once research question be addressed if you prefer.

**In other words, what was proposed in this study?

  1. 4. Method (This includes):

– Provide a detailed description of how the study was conducted (where you found the archived data)

– Should provide enough information so that others could duplicate the method (like a recipe)

– Tell who the participants were

– Tell about any materials/measures that were utilized

– Describe the procedure

**In other words, how was the theory tested?

  1. Results (This includes):

– Statistical reporting of data

– Typically reports results of each research question/hypothesis in the order from the introduction.

– You many refer to Discussion for a restatement of the results.

**In other words, what was learned in this study?

  1. Discussion (This includes):

– Reviews, interprets, and evaluates the results (nontechnical language, no stats).

– States the research question(s) or hypothesis(es) and states if the results supported or contradicted it/them.

– This section also discusses the study in light of past work of other researchers on this topic.  Weaknesses of the study are reviewed and suggestions made for future related research should be discussed.

**In other words, what did this study include?


  1. References

– All articles, books, websites and publications that have been utilized in the preparation and writing of this research article must be documented in APA format.

– There must be a minimum of 7 articles utilized.

No articles used can be used as references if written before 2013.

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