Posted: August 23rd, 2016

Warranty work is a(n)?

13. Which of the following features make stretch targets feasible?
a. The targets are set in isolation by top management.
b. The measures are linked by causal relationships.
c. The measures are based on currently attainable standard costs.
d. The targets are set at desired levels for twenty years to ensure long-term performance.
14. In the Balanced Scorecard system, core objectives and measures
a. are common across all organizations.
b. are common across all scorecard perspectives.
c. are common across departments.
d. None of these are true.
At the beginning of 2010, Peters Company installed a JIT purchasing and manufacturing system. The following information has been gathered about one of the company’s products:
Theoretical annual capacity 2,000
Actual production 1,800
Production hours available 500
Actual conversion cost per hour $7
15. The theoretical velocity per hour is
a. 4.0 units.
b. 3.6 units.
c. 1.1 units.
d. 1.0 units.
16. An example of a prevention cost is
a. field testing.
b. quality audits.
c. reinspection.
d. repair costs.
17. Warranty work is a(n)
a. external failure cost.
b. internal failure cost.
c. appraisal cost.
d. prevention cost.

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