Posted: January 10th, 2017

Why does the wage gap persist (the persistent difference in earnings between male and female workers of similar characteristics)?

SOC 100 1.In Chapter 7, we read about what George Ritzer terms “McDonaldization” of society. In Chapter 10, we are expanding the discussion to all large multinational corporations and financial institutions. What characteristics do these large multinationals have in common with McDonalds and how do they influence the international economy? 2.Use one theoretical perspective to explain the phenomenon of persistent poverty: StructuralFunctionalist or Conflict. Pick the one you think explains more about inequality and explain specifically why. 3.Define three types of racism discussed in Newman. Explain how discrimination has been built into our social system so that institutions can end up racist even if the individuals within them are not. 4.Which do you think is more harmful: institutional racism or quiet racism? Why? If you took part in the Project Implicit Study, tell us about that experience and if you think the research on conscious and unconscious preferences will help us understand racism any better. 5.How is class related to racial discrimination? Do you think that high status individuals who are also racial minorities, such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or television personality Oprah Winfrey experience discrimination? If so, how does that compare to discrimination faced by minority individuals in lower social class groups? 6.Discuss briefly the biological rationale for the devaluation of women and the justification of sexism. How have these ideas changed over time? You might pick one year from the Women’s Movement Timeline (in Lecture 3) and discuss an event and explain how this changed society and what impact it has in your individual life today. Other areas for examples could be current news items that touch on this topic, or popular culture. 7.Why does the wage gap persist (the persistent difference in earnings between male and female workers of similar characteristics)? What is one thing that could reduce the wage gap? Does the wage gap hurt men as well as women? Why or why not? Below are 7 questions to choose from. You should choose 2 to respond to. Each of your posts should be at least 250 words, and well supported by the readings. Please indicate which question you are responding to in your subject line or in the text body of your post.

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