Posted: April 23rd, 2016

When visual aids fail, it is usually because?

Michelle wants to illustrate some basic techniques for applying makeup for work and for evening. Her best choice of visual aid would be:

An object
A film
A person
A diagram

When visual aids fail, it is usually because they are not well-suited to the subject matter. T/F?
Your ethos can be improved simply by citing trustworthy sources in your speech. T/F?
Informative strategies can induce action even if they do not seek to change beliefs or behaviors. T/F?
The informative speech strategy which focuses on clarifying similarities and differences is:


When visual aids fail, it is usually because:

The audience did not understand them.
They distracted the audience
The speaker did not use them properly
They were inappropriate to the topic
All of these

Philip gave a persuasive speech about why people should not smoke. His classmate, Morris, refused to accept Phillip’s arguments, even though they were well supported, because he thought Phillip was just another liberal do-gooder who wanted to curtail people’s freedom. Which act of selective perception did Morris exhibit?

Belittling the source
The boomerang effect

It is important to help the listeners distinguish between the essential meaning of a difficult concept and its other, less central meanings when using the strategy of:


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