Posted: November 7th, 2015

Variables and Input and Output Operations

Variables and Input and Output Operations

Write a 70- to 100-word response to the following:
Supporting Activity: Small Program
Create a small program that:

1)     Prompts the user for a positive integer.

2)     Prints out 0 if the number is ODD or 1 if the number is EVEN.

Did you encounter compiler errors? How did you test your code?
Are there multiple ways to write this program? Explain.
Supporting Activity: Code Exercise
2   Type in the code and run any 3 of the “Try It Out” exercises in Ch. 2.

Which exercises did you select? Why? What did you learn?

3 What is the purpose of the document template in an MFC Windows program?

5 Why do you need to be careful, and plan your program structure in advance, when

using the Application Wizard?
6  Code up the simple text editor program. Build both debug and release versions,

and examine the types and sizes of the fi les produced in each case.
7 Generate the text editor application several times, trying diff erent project

styles from the Application Type in Application Wizard.

8   Program Input and the Software Design Process” of Programming and Problem

Solving with C++: Comprehensive

Overtime Pay Compile Errors

Use the code in Appendix B for this assignment.

Correct the compile errors to arrive at the following output.

•Sample output:

Enter the Employee Name = Mary

Enter the hours worked = 43

Enter his or her hourly wage = 3.00

Employee Name …………. = Mary

Base Pay ……………… = 120

Hours in Overtime ……… = 3

Overtime Pay Amount…….. = 13.5

Total Pay……………… = 133.5


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