Posted: February 20th, 2017

Use bullet points and include notes with more details. Your PowerPoint should include a cover slide, at least 10 content slides, and a final slide with references.

Unit III Case Study Brand Management Consulting Eli Joseph recently contacted you. You know Eli casually because your kids played on the same Little League team. Eli told you that he had just been selected as the brand manager for the Dinty Moore Beef Stew line of products. This is his first marketing management position and he wants to get off to a great start. Eli knows that you have been studying advertising and would like you to serve as a consultant to help him answer some important initial questions. He has provided you with the following background information. The Dinty Moore brand (now sold by Hormel Foods) has been in existence since 1935. Canned products in the line include Beef Stew, Chicken & Dumplings, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Stew, Meatball Stew, and Turkey Stew. A second set of current products is microwaveable. The Dinty Moore page of Hormel’s Web site states that its name is “Synonymous not only with beef stew, but with a convenient and satisfying meal. Through innovations in packaging we’ve made it even easier for you to enjoy by offering cups and trays for microwave cooking. And while convenience is definitely the order of the day, Dinty Moore stew meets the standards of modern shoppers because it has no preservatives and only 240 calories per 8-ounce serving.” Health consciousness is a major trend in the food market. Consumers are concerned about the fat, sodium, and calorie content of the foods they purchase. The Dinty Moore line clearly meets standards set by the Food and Drug Administration. The primary competitors in the canned beef stew market are direct competitors, substitute products, other foods made at home, and restaurants. Direct competitors include Castleberry’s and Armour. Both companies offer directly competing cans of stew as well as other products that might compete with the Dinty Moore line. For example, Armour offers a line of chili and chili beans. Castleberry sells barbeque pork and canned tamales through the American Originals line. Campbell’s and other soup manufacturers sell substitute products. Soup can easily be substituted for stew. A series of private label stews are also available. Home cooking presents an additional source of competition. Many health food trends include cooking at home with natural ingredients. Many consumers now enjoy creating meals at home as a form of social activity and relaxation. Many MAR 3271, Advertising 2  restaurants vend products that compete with both homemade and canned stew. The most threatening are restaurants featuring home-style, hearty foods. Eli gave you the following Web sites for additional information. • Eli’s first assignment in his new position is to develop an advertising campaign for the entire line. The campaign would be produced starting in a few months, once information is gathered. The ads are scheduled to run on a pulsating schedule, with the first burst beginning soon after they are produced. Eli decided he needs more information before moving forward, and that is where you come in. He wants to know: • More about the role price plays in purchasing decisions. • Consumers’ perceptions of the quality of the Dinty Moore line as compared to Armour and Castleberry’s. • He also would like information about consumer promotions, especially coupons and price-off programs. • He also wants to investigate possibilities for cooperative advertising with grocery stores, as well as tie-ins with other food products. Eli wants to begin a new era in his company where Dinty Moore moves to the strongest position in the marketplace as the top-of-mind and top choice brand. Eli would like you to explore several issues for him and prepare a PowerPoint presentation with your findings that he can use with his team. Use bullet points and include notes with more details. Your PowerPoint should include a cover slide, at least 10 content slides, and a final slide with references. Below are the issues you should address in your presentation. 1. Should Eli hire an external advertising agency for the campaign, or perform most of the tasks in-house? Why? 2. If an external agency is chosen, what relevant experiences would be most helpful to Eli and Dinty Moore? If most of the work should be performed in-house, what skills and experiences should DInty Moore have in-house? 3. What types of advertising planning and research should be conducted to identify Dinty Moore’s most loyal customers and potential new customers? 4. Design a creative brief for the upcoming Dinty Moore advertising campaign.

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