Posted: November 11th, 2015

Unit 7 Assignment

Unit 7 Assignment

The Impact of Human Expression on Culture
GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of

original materials in Standard American English
GEL-5.2: Analyze the impact of human expression on culture.
For this Assignment, you will write a 3–4 page, two-part essay that explores the

impact of human expression on culture and describes strategies to integrate

cultural expressions into curriculum.
Art, music, and dance are cultural expressions that have demonstrated the feelings,

thoughts, celebrations, and many times strife or hardship of its people. Most of

our ancestors came to this country from another land bringing their culture, and

even if you are a Native American, expressions of art and music have long been a

part of your heritage and culture.
In Unit 7 you read about teaching culture and global awareness through the arts,

and you have considered ways to incorporate diversity and multicultural creative

arts activities into your curriculum. You have also read throughout your text about

the family’s role in creative arts along with ways to incorporate diversity and

multicultural creative arts activities into your curriculum. You will consider

these as you complete your Unit 7 Assignment .
Use the Unit 7 Template.docx located in Doc Sharing to complete this Assignment.
Part 1:
Reflect on your own culture and how its art, music, and dance have become important

to understanding yourself and others. Then consider the following questions when

explaining what you will do to support the expression of the diverse cultures in

your classroom through art, music, and dance.
How has your own creativity been enhanced as a result of learning about your

culture and the culture of others?
How can you make sure the young children you work with remain connected to their

own culture?
What creative opportunities can you provide for young children to assure they can

participate in your program as well as develop an understanding of the cultures of

those in their class?
How will you involve families to support your effort in the classroom as well as in

the home?


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