Posted: March 21st, 2016

total serum Iron Assay

This section should contain a description of assay technique developed by the group, written in the same style as your previous procedure sections.

Use Excel to create a table of the concentration and absorbance data collected and a calibration curve with trendline and equation for this experiment copy and paste them here.

Discussion (Report Section in the Lab Book)
Incorporate the answers to the following questions into a cohesive discussion in paragraph form as if you were writing a report on the results of your analysis of the patient.

Summarize the technique you and your group developed in order to measure the serum iron level in the patient’s blood.
What are normal serum levels for adult males, females, and children? What readings do they give in the assay?
What were the results of your patient’s sample? (use numerical results to support your diagnosis)
How did you treat the patient?
Was the treatment successful? Explain how you knew.

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