Posted: May 27th, 2015

Topic: Queueing Models

Topic: Queueing Models

1.   Consider a typical hospital emergency room.
a.  Describe why it is a queueing system.
b.  What is the queue in this case? Describe how you would expect the queue discipline to operate.
c.  Would you expect random arrivals?
d.  What are service times in this context? Would you expect much variability in the service times?

Topic: Computer Simulation: Basic Concepts
2. Use the random numbers in cells C13:C18 of the figure from the picture on the next page to generate six random observations for each of the following situations.
a.  Throwing an unbiased coin.
b.  A baseball pitcher who throws a strike 60 percent of the time and a ball 40 percent of the time.
c.  The color of a traffic light found by a randomly arriving car when it is green 40 percent of the time, yellow 10 percent of the time, and red 50 percent of the time.

3.  Generate three random observations from the uniform distribution between – 10 and 40 by using the following random numbers: 0.0965, 0.5692, 0.6658.

complete the assigned readings for this unit.

2. In a Microsoft Word document, on one page, please respond to the following short-answer questions:

A. In a competitive market, if prices are held below market equilibrium by government controls, what will be the effect on output? How might managers be expected to react to these laws?
B. Why do many customers pay extra for goods with “brand names”?
3. Your responses should be written in APA style with appropriate references and bibliography.

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