Posted: July 4th, 2015

Creating a Written Profile of a Small Business.

Week 8.2 Group Assignment: Creating a Written Profile of a Small Business.

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Assignment Instructions

Assignment: Using your group discussion area compare your experiences working with your clients. From this discussion develop and write a profile of a typical small business. This profile should be based on what you have learned working with your clients and should answer the question: What is a Small Business? It should be written as a narrative, not as a list.

To talk to your group, remember to go to your group’s discussion area in the Discussion Board located on the left of the screen. You can upload documents to share directly in the group’s discussion area.

Audience: This profile should be addressed to other members of the class.

Content: At a minimum, your profile should describe the behaviors of a small business answering the following questions:

  1. What is the role of the owner? (10 Points)
  2. What is typical financing? (10 Points)
  3. What record keeping do small businesses do? (10 Points)
  4. What is the attitude toward planning? (10 Points)
  5. What role does family play? (10 Points)
  6. Do small businesses understand marketing? (10 Points)
  7. What are typical problems? (10 Points)
  8. Spelling, grammar, format. (5 Points)Total Points Possible = 75 Points

Information: Information for this assignment should come from your combined experiences. Try to find what is common to all.

Format of Profile: Your report should be no more than one printed single spaced page using a 12-point font. Margins for the paper must be one inch on top, bottom and left side, and 1.75 inches on the right. Submit your report in the Assignments tool on the left of the screen (see detailed instructions below).

The profiles from all the groups will also be posted to the Discussion called “Profiles of a Small business” by the end of week 9.

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